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Preparing for the Worst & Unexpected; A Hospital Preparedness Program for Hospital Leaders

Columbia, SC

Duration: 5 hours, 30 minutes

How to Turn Data into Meaningful Action

Duration: 7 hours

Hot Issues

  • Medicaid

    Medicaid is the nation’s health coverage program for many low-income Americans.

  • Medicaid Expansion

    South Carolina’s hospitals strongly support expanding the state’s Medicaid program as called for in the Affordable Care Act.

  • Certificate of Need

    South Carolina is one of 35 states that relies on a Certificate of Need (CON) law to safeguard patient safety and help assure that services are located so that everyone, regardless of ability to pa

  • Reimbursement

    South Carolina hospitals' revenue stream is critical to their overall mission of providing care to those in their communities. Medicare and Medicaid provide more than half of most hospitals' patien

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