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For Edgefield County, Saluda County, Greenwood County, McCormick County, Abbeville County and Laurens County Residents

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929 Phoenix St.
Greenwood, SC 29646

About Lakelands Cares

The Lakelands Rural Health Network (LRHN) is a nonprofit (501(c)3) multicounty network developed in 2004 with the guidance of South Carolina Office of Rural Health to enhance efficiency, expand access, coordinate and improve the quality of essential health care services and strengthen the rural health care system as a whole. This Network has unique insight into the strengths and challenges facing the local health care system and the health status of its residents. The South Carolina Network’s geographic area includes Abbeville, Edgefield, Greenwood, Laurens, McCormick, Newberry and Saluda counties.

After working to improve many facets of the community’s heath and access to affordable, timely, effective and efficient assistance, partners of LRHN began working with AccessHealth SC (AHSC). Administered by the South Carolina Hospital Association with financial support from The Duke Endowment, AccessHealth SC works to create and sustain coordinated, data-driven community-based networks of care that provide medical homes and ensure timely, affordable, high quality healthcare services for low-income uninsured people in South Carolina.

After intense collaborative efforts among partners and the AHSC team, the strategic plan of LRHN was funded and became Lakelands Cares. Lakelands Cares is a partnership of many organizations in the community that want to make health care accessible and affordable for people who are uninsured and underinsured that are in need of assistance. Case Managers from Lakelands Cares keep patients from getting “lost” in the system by locating a primary care doctor and services for routine illness and special health needs for patients.