SC Association for Healthcare Quality (SCAHQ)


SCAHQ sponsored events in 2020:  

SCONL/SC AHQ/SC ASHRM Joint Conference, December 4th, 2020 at SCHA in Columbia

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions for SCAHQ. Kim Wooten at SCHA, (803) 796-3080 or  Karen Reeves at SCHA at or 803.280.0527.


The purposes of the SCAHQ are to promote the delivery of quality healthcare and to provide leadership and expertise in the delivery of such quality healthcare; promote professional ethics within, and facilitate the communication, cooperation and sharing of knowledge among individuals and entities within the field of healthcare; support and advocate actively the interests of patients in receiving quality healthcare and in all other actions affecting their health and welfare; and encourage, develop and provide programs of continuing education and educational tools for members and other persons involved in the promotion of quality healthcare.

Board / Officers: 

SCAHQ Board of Directors

Immediate Past President

Wanda Bartschat


Shawna Doran

President Elect



Diana Zona


Sarita Franks


Program Chair

Faleshia Jones

Communications Chair

Kim Wooten

Membership Chair

Jennifer Clary