Welvista Announces Reduction in Workforce

Welvista has eliminated 12 positions as part of its efforts to cut costs.

The organization is trying to ensure that it can continue to fulfill its core mission, which is to provide prescription medications to the uninsured and underserved of South Carolina.  The decision represents a 20 percent reduction in Welvista’s workforce.

Faced with the same combination of economic pressures that have confronted all businesses, non-profits and governmental agencies during the past three-plus years, Welvista has made a series of pro-active business decisions that have preserved – and even enhanced – its position as one of the most innovative non-governmental healthcare solutions in the nation. Over the past year, Welvista has developed a new business model leveraging its existing relationships with several of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world to become a provider of HIV medications to the uninsured ADAP wait list clients in 11 states across the country.

Welvista’s expanding footprint nationally has allowed it to maintain much of its core services for the uninsured and underserved of South Carolina. However, substantial funding cuts from the S.C. General Assembly and a tightening of funding from other sources during the economic downturn forced Welvista to make the decision to eliminate positions this week.

The reduction in workforce will not result in a cut in Welvista services to sponsored organizations, CEO Ken Trogdon said.

“Reductions in funding have had a profound impact on our business, but Welvista remains a strong organization with a bright future,” Trogdon said. “It is always difficult to part with valued employees, and this is not a step we took lightly. I want to assure our clients and partners that while Welvista is dealing with many of the same sobering financial realities facing businesses nationwide, we have made decisions that will ensure we remain an essential healthcare solution for thousands of people in South Carolina and beyond for years to come.”

03-14-2011 12:00 (EDT)