WELCOA resources to boost physical activity in the workplace

WELCOA resources provide guidance in building results-oriented physical activity initiatives. They have highlighted three resources for increasing physical activity in the workplace.

Learn the significance and ease of the “Sit for 60, Move for 3” policy by clicking here. Employees are encouraged to move about the workplace for three minutes for every 60 they remain stationary. This can be done in a vehicle, while travelling, or in the office. Creating policies similar to this allows employees to feel more comfortable when getting up from their desk and moving about. Having senior leadership and managerial support is crucial in the success of such policies.

Another valuable resource is the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) “StairWell to Health” Campaign.   Learn how the CDC developed an extremely innovative program to increase and encourage stairwell usage. Taking the stairs is one simple way to be more physically active while at work.

The last WELCOA resource highlighted is an evaluation tool. This resource, “Evaluation of Physical Activity Handbook”,  assists businesses in evaluating their current wellness programs relating to physical activity in the workplace. 

08-26-2011 02:02 (EDT)