Virtual Surgery Insider: Kershaw Health

About 500 students in Kershaw, Lancaster and Richland counties watched as orthopedic surgeons Thomas Joseph and James Nichols and their surgical team performed surgery at KershawHealth without going under the knife themselves, and then Joseph explained each step of the procedure to their distance audience. Orthopedic surgeon Andy Piasecki assisted Joseph in answering questions from students.

The program, known as the Virtual Surgery Insider, is designed to introduce students to the field of health care and a variety of health care professions. The program was offered on April 23 from KershawHealth.

"Orthopedics is like construction," one member of the surgical team described in the introduction. "It's not for squeamish people," another said.

Weeks leading up to the broadcast, many of the students participating in the program learn about the details of surgical procedures in preparation for the viewing. The students are in a variety of health and science classes.

While some of the students are undecided in their career choice, many have started medical and science courses to prepare for a career in health care.

The students asked detailed questions about the equipment, possible complications associated with the surgery just performed, procedures, and the doctors education.

This Virtual Surgery Insider at KershawHealth is the seventh broadcast procedure. Previous procedures have included the heart, knee, and a total hysterectomy. The project is a partnership with the South Carolina Department of Education and SCHA.

04-25-2010 12:00 (EDT)