Diann Simms on the use of surgical safety checklist

Use of surgical checklist is comforting to patient

Diann Simms on the use of surgical safety checklist
Diann Simms on the use of surgical safety checklist

Diann Simms knows that surgical teams at the AnMed Health Medicus Surgery Center use the safe surgery checklist.

As associate administrator at Medicus / Anderson Eye & Ear Associates, P.A., she helped develop the materials used to explain the checklist to Center’s patients, and she was impressed with what she knew about the checklist.

But it wasn’t until she underwent surgery at the Center that she fully understood what a comfort the checklist could be to the patient.

“It really comforted me and made me feel like I was participating. I wasn’t just the patient on the table. I was Diann,” she recalls. “I felt very engaged in what was going on.  I had had surgery before and there was a whole lot of talking going on, but they weren’t talking to me. But in this case  . . . they were engaging me.”

She jokes that they asked about her birthday so many times that she thought they might be planning a party for her.  It’s important for the patient to know why he or she is being asked the same questions several times.  “They’re doing it to keep you safe,” Diann explains.  When they asked her why she was there, she didn’t worry because she knew it was part of the process.

She expects any surgeon treating her or a member of her family in the future to use the checklist. Otherwise she “will be very, very disappointed”.  That’s why she recommends asking any surgeon in advance if he or she uses the checklist. “ I certainly don’t  want any of my family members to be in jeopardy,” she adds.

“My outcome was so good because I  was so calm and confident,” she says, adding that if  the surgical team had  not used the checklist,  she believes it would have negatively impacted the outcome of her surgery.

Hear Diann Simms talk about her experience with the Safe Surgery Checklist.