Upcoming Training Opportunities

Walkability: The Health and Fitness Equation Webinar | August 6, 2– 3 PM | Webinar

Walking is more than basic transportation and recreation; it is the key to health, longevity and affordable living. If we want more equitable communities, then walking must become a natural activity again. In this session, Dan Burden, one of the early pioneers in North America’s walkability movement–coining the terms ‘road diets,’ ‘walking audits,’ ‘photomorphs’ and inspiring Complete Streets conversions–will address the link and bond between walking and health.

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LiveWell Greenville “At Work” Roundtable | August 13, 11:45 AM - 1:15 PM | YMCA Metro Office, Greenville, SC

Two out of three adult workers with a diagnosed mental disorder do not receive or seek treatment due to stigma, fear, or concerns about confidentiality. Therefore, it is vitally important for employers to promote their Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as a safe place for employees to get help. Our August 2015 Healthy Workplace Roundtable discussion will focus on what we, as employers, can do to help our employees combat mental health issues and to erase the stigma behind EAPs. A healthy lunch will be provided by Babaziki’s Mediterranean Grill.

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Engage with Local Government: Critical Stakeholders in Your Walkable Community Movement | August 14, 2 – 3 PM | Webinar

While advocates who can articulate the diverse benefits of walkable communities provide the energy for the local movement, local government partners are essential in order to actually change policies, systems, and the built environment. For this webinar, America Walks is delighted to welcome three national experts in building walkability into the local government process – a councilwoman from Boise, the former Director of the Missoula Office of Planning, and an engineer with 34 years of experience with the New Jersey Department of Transportation. Register to learn how to reach out to land-use planners, traffic engineers, and local policymakers – and effectively engage them in the effort to make your community more walkable.

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Are your benefits breaking the law? Tobacco cessation, the ACA, and the Mental Health Parity Act | August 20, 2 – 3 PM | Prevention Partners Webinar

Offering comprehensive tobacco cessation benefits is essential both to your employees’ health and your company’s bottom line. However, with all of the changes in insurance coverage requirements over the last 5 years, it can be hard to understand exactly which benefits should be covered, or if your own benefits package is in compliance with the law. Join Prevention Partners and two national experts on August 20th for a special webinar focused on this topic.

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Charleston Healthy Business Challenge Seminar: Stress Management | August 25, 8:30 AM – 10 AM | MUSC Office of Health Promotion and Lighten Up Charleston | Charleston, SC

Join the Charleston Healthy Business Challenge to learn how to promote stress management and mental health practices at work. A complementary continental breakfast will be served, sponsored by MUSC. Email Dr. Susan Johnson at susan@chbschallenge.com or visit their website at www.chbchallenge.com for more information.  

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Food Access Summit | September 16, 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM | Columbia, SC

Join us as at this all-day summit as we highlight efforts that improve access to healthy food for South Carolinians with limited financial resources. The Food Access Summit will provide advocacy tools, training and action-oriented ideas to educate and organize participants to support local and state efforts to make the food system equitable for all. Session topics include: advocacy and policy, farm to institution, transportation and food access, and funding healthy food projects.

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12th Annual S.C. Obesity Summit | October 26, 9 AM - 4:30 PM | Brookland Banquet and Conference Center | West Columbia, SC

The 2015 S.C. Obesity Summit is a venue for public health, health care, education and other professionals and community leaders to gather and discuss positive changes that lead to increased access to fresh fruits and vegetables and to physical activity. It’s the largest gathering of healthy eating, active living advocates with more than 250 people in attendance! All breakout sessions address policy, systems and environmental changes that are being implemented in South Carolina. In addition, guest speakers will talk about food access in low-income communities, as well as the new Obesity State Plan. Anyone interested in obesity prevention is welcome to attend the Summit. This year’s keynote speaker is Dayle Hayes, award-winning author and educator.

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9th Annual Southern Obesity Summit | November 15-17 | Jackson, Mississippi

The Southern Obesity Summit is the largest regional obesity prevention event in the United States drawing hundreds of participants from 16 Southern States. This year the summit has two overarching goals of helping stakeholders strategize next steps to implement policy and program initiatives across all 16 states and to effectively engage youth in strategies to prevent obesity.

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Archived webinars

If you’re unable to join in on a Working Well or WorkHealthy America webinar of interest, you can check out the recorded version online after the fact.  Archived WorkHealthy America webinars are located here.


Is it Time for a Broader Value Proposition?

The July/August 2015 issue of The Art of Health Promotion explores a broader value proposition for worksite wellness and those factors that predispose and reinforce better employee performance. Jessica Grossmeier, PhD, MPH and Nikki Hudsmith, MBA share results from a survey of more than 500 leaders and describe where health and well-being fit among a range of other variables that business leaders watch in the interest of improving business performance. Building on the premise that a broader value proposition necessitates a broader approach to workforce health and well-being, Sheryl Niebuhr, PhD, LP and Grossmeier contribute an article on a “Broader Approach,”making the case for “a more systemic, integrated, and crossfunctional effort serving a broader strategic vision,” where organizational readiness to change is as vital as individual readiness.

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