Stay Connected to Working Well in 2018

Working Well is excited to continue to offer trainings and workshops to participants in 2018. To ensure that you can access resources and receive communications from Working Well, we've provided information about how to "white list" domains. Please follow these steps so you and your organization can receive updates in the coming year. 

  1. Contact your Information Technology staff, or the person who maintains your information technology and email systems. 
  2.  Ask them to update the system and mail server to “white list” domains and messages. Explain that a network firewall or spam filter could be blocking our Working Well communications. 
  3.  Provide your Information Technology staff the following details on domains and websites to white list to ensure you receive important communication  

We want to continue to provide your organization all the resources available as a Working Well participant. If you have any questions about “white listing” and what this means for your organization, feel free to contact Sara Grace Bailey at or 803-744-3558. 

01-25-2018 03:11 (EST)