SCHA Installs New “Fit Desk” for Employees

The South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA) recently installed an active workstation called a Fit Desk in an effort to promote active breaks throughout the workday and encourage movement while working, as part of its “Work to be Fit” employee wellness program. 


The Fit Desk is a stationary bike that can be adjusted to an upright or semi-recumbent position. It includes a platform to place a laptop, phone or reading materials so that employees can utilize the bike while working. The bike and platform are adjustable for correct positioning based on height. There is also a resistance setting which can be adjusted according to employee preference and fitness level, as well as resistance bands located on either side of the bike which can be used for an upper body workout while pedaling. To stay in alignment with current best practices, all employees are required to sign a liability waiver before participating in any physical activity at work, including use of the Fit Desk. 


SCHA realizes that physical activity is a key element in reaching and maintaining optimal health. Current recommendations encourage three minutes of movement for every 60 minutes of sitting. Therefore, SCHA provides its employees opportunities for daily physical activity while at work. SCHA also has a physical activity policy in place which encourages the use of paid breaks and flexible work hours for physical activity. Employees are encouraged to walk on the outdoor walking trail, or indoors in the conference center when it is unoccupied, for walking meetings. 


SCHA provides additional benefits to encourage a physically active lifestyle during and outside of working hours. Employees may receive a one-time $25 subsidy for a Fitbit, or other similar fitness tracker, as well as a $25 reimbursement once per year for participating in a community event involving physical activity. Periodically, free onsite fitness classes are offered to staff, and fitness equipment and supplies such as exercise videos, resistance bands, and dumbbells are always available for staff to use.  Attempts are also made to incorporate physical activity in all SCHA endorsed events. 


For more information on the Fit Desk or other SCHA physical activity policies, benefits or activities, please contact Emily O’Sullivan at or 803-454-6969. 

09-29-2016 02:58 (EDT)