Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace: The role of leaders in building psychologically safe environments

Working Well and WorkHealthy Hospitals invite you to join us for our upcoming webinar on “Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace: The role of leaders in building psychologically safe environments.” A hot topic in workplace wellbeing and occupational health, this new concept refers to the extent to which employees within an organization feel safe to take risks, be vulnerable, express their ideas, ask questions and admit mistakes.

Research shows a significant link between psychological health and safety and employee performance and organizational effectiveness. In fact, it has been shown to improve employee job satisfaction, morale, physical and mental health, motivation and ability to manage stress. Organizations benefit from cultivating a psychologically safe work environment by experiencing improved quality, performance and productivity; reduced absenteeism, presenteeism and turnover; fewer accidents and injuries; enhanced ability to recruit and retain top talent; improved customer service and satisfaction; and lower healthcare costs (APA Center for Organizational Excellence).

We are excited to announce our guest speaker, Dr. Dina Krasikova, an assistant professor of management at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Dina has a rich background in industrial and organizational psychology and has a specific interest in psychologically safe teams and the role of leaders in creating a psychologically safe workplace culture. The webinar will address:
  • What psychological safety is and what it is not;
  • Psychological safety as a key characteristic of a successful team;
  • The impact of psychological health and safety on organizational performance and effectiveness; and
  • Evidence-based recommendations for organizational leaders and team members who strive to develop psychologically safe team climates     
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04-25-2019 10:38 (EDT)