Prevention Partners Introduces New Psychosocial Health Module

Organizations asked for it, and Prevention Partners listened. WorkHealthy America's psychosocial health module will launch on November 1. This module will provide guidance for your organization on how to support employees' mental, social, and emotional health-a perfect complement to the existing focus on physical health. We know that stress is the number one cause of workforce health issues across the world, and psychosocial health has a strong interaction with physical health. We want to support your organization in creating environments and policies that support all aspects of your employees' health.


The assessment, recommendations report, and action plan will be added to all existing accounts at no additional cost. Prevention Partners is excited to bring this focus area to your organizations and look forward to working with you to create psychologically healthy workplaces.


Prevention Partners’ November WorkHealthy America webinar will focus on psychosocial health and will be open to all license holders. Be on the lookout for an invitation.

10-28-2016 11:25 (EDT)