MUSC's New Meditation Labyrinth

A dedication ceremony for the new Imagine MUSC 2020 Meditation Labyrinth, located at the MUSC Fitness Park, was held on July 19. Guest speakers included Dr. Susan Johnson, Dr. Dan Handel, Chaplin Terry Wilson, and labyrinth designer Holly Bendz. This project was built through collaboration between the Office of Health Promotion and the MUSC Grounds Department, and funded through a stipend from SCHA’s Working Well initiative.

The MUSC Office of Health Promotion developed the meditation labyrinth to give individuals a place to contemplate, relax and find peace. It complements the MUSC Urban Farm and Fitness Park along with other elements of the Greenberg Greenway as an example of MUSC’s commitment to providing healthy options and innovative programs that contribute to a higher quality of life, healthier environment, and overall wellness for all who visit the campus. Collectively these projects are helping to build a healthier community as part of the Imagine MUSC 2020 initiative.

Labyrinths are ancient symbols that have been used by various cultures and religions around the world for more than 4,000 years, with many of their patterns based on spirals and circles mirrored in nature. People visit them to contemplate questions or to simply relax while others come during times of grief or loss seeking solace.

Today, labyrinths are being used worldwide to encourage meditation, self-reflection and stress reduction, as well as to discover innovation and celebration. Unlike a maze, labyrinths have a single path in full view that leads to the center and back out the same way. This powerful process of moving in and out provides an opportunity for the traveler to focus internally, integrating the body with the mind and the mind with the spirit. Labyrinths are open to all people as a non-denominational, cross-cultural blueprint for well-being.

Guidance for walking a Labyrinth:

  • Reflect: Prior to entering the labyrinth, reflect on what you are grateful for and any questions or problems about which you’d like to receive guidance.
  • Release: As you walk the path to the center, let go of any unwanted thoughts, feelings, attitudes, etc. that no longer serve you.
  • Receive: Once in the center, meditate, pray, or be silent as you receive what there is for you.
  • Return: When ready, follow the path out of the labyrinth. You may feel a sense of renewal.
  • Remember: Once out of the labyrinth take a moment to remember your experience. All of the walk benefits may not unfold to you immediately. Continue to be mindful as your answers may come with time.


There is no right or wrong way to walk the labyrinth; honor your own pace. Please respect the experience of others as they navigate the labyrinth. For more information on the Mediation Labyrinth, the Greenberg Greenway and other programs that promote wellbeing, please visit here or contact Dr. Susan Johnson, or 843.792.1245.

08-24-2017 04:40 (EDT)