MUSC employees now have access to a Fit Gym

As a Working Well Center of Excellence, MUSC Employee Wellness received a stipend to help their efforts in creating a culture of wellness across MUSC’s campus. 

Working Well Centers of Excellence are chosen based on strong leadership support for wellness, a commitment to innovation, and willingness to mentor other organizations in their employee wellness efforts. Centers of Excellence provide feedback, guidance, and support to help direct Working Well’s statewide efforts. 

MUSC Employee Wellness designated part of their stipend money to go toward purchasing “Fit Gym” equipment. MUSC departments who have an interest in promoting physical activity within their department, and have a dedicated space for this purpose, can apply to have fitness equipment for an onsite Fit Gym.

Visit here to learn more about a Fit Gym and see how it’s used. 

03-23-2017 02:39 (EDT)