Mary Black Hospital System Launches American Heart Association’s Check. Change. Control.

Approximately one out of every three adults have high blood pressure and only about half them have it under control. The American Heart Association’s (AHA) 'Check. Change. Control.' program uses self-monitoring and tracking of blood pressure readings at home to help participants achieve and maintain a healthy heart. 

Mary Black Hospital System held their first information session April 1 for AHA’s free ‘Check. Change. Control.’ program. Even before officially launching the program, Mary Black has seen its first success story. During a preregistration event for the program, a female employee younger than 30 years old agreed to screen for the program. During her screening, her blood pressure placed her in the hypertensive crisis category and she had no primary care physician. The wellness staff helped her find a network physician location close to her and scheduled an appointment as a new patient for that week. 

Susan Howard, RN, Chest Pain and Stroke Coordinator, hopes to continue to make an impact in their employees’ lives when they officially launch the program. “Our employee wellness program can not only improve an employee’s health; it can save their life,” said Howard.

Mary Black Hospital System’s Chief Executive Officer, Sean Dardeau, recognizes the importance of offering the ‘Check. Change. Control.’ program to employees. “We can’t take care of sick people if we are the sick people,” said Dardeau.

Over the past few weeks, 80 participants have registered and several more cases of uncontrolled hypertension have been identified and referred to physicians. The program officially launches May 10. 

'Check. Change. Control.' is AHA’s proven-effective blood pressure management program that empowers people to learn about, monitor and manage their blood pressures through a combination of resources. Participants log into the online tracker, log their numbers, view resources, receive messages and reminders, and track their success. For more information, contact




04-20-2017 04:22 (EDT)