Free Breast and Cervical Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease Screenings Available for Eligible Women in SC

The South Carolina Breast and Cervical Early Detection Program, known as the Best Chance Network (BCN), is a program within the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SC DHEC). The mission of BCN is to reduce deaths from breast and cervical cancer among uninsured and underinsured women in South Carolina. BCN provides free clinical breast exams, mammograms, pelvic exams, pap smears (if needed), diagnostic testing, follow-up services and patient navigation to help ensure women are connected to needed care. Breast and cervical cancer screening services help to prevent and detect cancer at earlier stages. 

You may be eligible for the services of the Best Chance Network if you:


  1. Are a resident of South Carolina;
  2. Are between the ages of 30 and 64 for breast cancer screening or between the ages of 21 and 64 for cervical cancer screening; and
  3. Have a household income at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.


If you meet the above three eligibility requirements and have insurance, you may also be eligible if your insurance: 


  1. Has a deductible of $1,000 or more;
  2. Provides less than 100% coverage for screening services; and
  3. Covers hospitalization only.


The Well-Integrated Screening and Evaluation for Women Across the Nation Program (WISEWOMAN) is a heart disease and stroke prevention screening and lifestyle education program for women enrolled in the South Carolina Best Chance Network. Participants can learn how to eat healthy, get more physical activity/exercise, manage blood pressure and learn other ways to prevent and control heart disease, stroke and other chronic diseases, such as cancer, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, obesity and arthritis. WISEWOMAN services include blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar checks and health coaching. The program is provided at a limited number of BCN provider offices.

You may quality for WISEWOMAN if you:

  1. Participate in the Best Chance Network program, and
  2. Are a 40 to 64-year-old woman. 


Onsite screenings for employees to receive BCN and WISEWOMAN services may be available through mobile health units. For more information about these programs, please call the DHEC Division of Cancer Prevention and Control Information Line at 1-800-450-4611. 

01-25-2018 04:10 (EST)