Designing Wellness Program Incentives Webinar Registration

Have you been thinking about offering incentives for your wellness initiatives or changing your current incentive structure? This webinar will help to understand both sides of the discussion for using wellness incentives and what types of incentives may work best for your organization. The webinar will be Thursday, August 24 from 2:30 - 3:30 p.m.

WorkHealthy Hospitals, in collaboration with SCHA’s Working Well, is hosting their second webinar for participating organizations. This webinar topic covers the use of incentives and the following information will be discussed:

  • Different types of incentives;
  • Legal considerations for implementing incentives;
  • Pros and cons to implementing incentives;
  • The brain’s response to incentives; 
  • Examples of how incentives can be used; and
  • Alternative strategies to using incentives in the workplace. 


To register for the webinar, visit here. If you have any questions email Sara Grace Bailey

07-20-2017 11:19 (EDT)