Ask An Expert: How Can We Help Employees Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season?

Tis the season for celebrations, sugary treats and office parties. So how can you help your employees to make healthy decisions during this holiday season? 

You can start by looking at and refining your nutrition policy. One way to limit excess treats at the office is through a "no junk food dumping" policy. If your nutrition policy doesn't already include this, consider adding it! Also, check your catering policy to make sure that your food selections include healthy options for parties and office events. 

We like to emphasize that eating healthy doesn't mean you have to avoid all treats. The key is moderation, as a treat is called a "treat" because it is meant to be enjoyed every once in a while. Consider alternative ways to show appreciation for your employees this holiday season. A few suggestions to consider:

  • Provide extended breaks
  • Offer additional flex time
  • Extend casual Friday to the whole week or month
  • Host your holiday party at a non-traditional spot, such as a bowling alley, hiking trail, or ice skating rink

12-29-2015 03:28 (EST)