Tips and Tools: Using the WorkHealthy America Toolbox to Grab the Gold Apple

This month, Working Well recognized its first Gold Apple awards in South Carolina.  In order to achieve this award, hospital must address five components of a healthy food environment, as defined by NC Prevention Partners.  To help other hospitals work towards that goal, the WorkHealthy AmericaSM Nutrition Toolbox includes a number of resources to support positive changes at your hospital.

One key component of creating a healthy food environment is to provide access to healthy foods.  Working with outside vendors to provide healthy food options is a challenge for many organizations, so the toolbox includes a guide to working with vendors to help you modify existing contracts.

Another big focus of the Gold Apple is to incentivize healthy options by adjusting pricing within your cafeteria and vending machines.  The toolbox includes a case study of how FirstHealth of the Carolina worked to revise their pricing to make the healthy choice the affordable choice.

Once you have healthy options available, an icon can help employees identify those healthy choices.  Check out the guide to using a healthy food icon to see how other hospitals have created and implemented such a marketing campaign.

Educational sessions and materials can also help tie together your healthy food campaign.  If you don’t know where to start, the dietitian at NC Prevention Partners has compiled some nutrition education and lunch-n-learn tools.

Using these tools will help your hospital implement the five principles of a Healthy Food Environment and help you grab the Gold Apple! 
• Increase Access to Healthy Foods
• Use Pricing Structure to Encourage Customers to Purchase Healthy Items
• Promote Healthy Foods using proven Marketing Techniques
• Offer Educational Materials to Promote Awareness and Adoption of Healthy Behaviors
• Structure Benefit Design and/or Wellness Incentives to Encourage Healthy Behaviors

For more information on resources available to you through the WorkHealthy AmericaSM Nutrition toolbox, contact Lindsey Bickers Bock, 919-969-7022, x234.

Note: This reoccurring series highlights resources available to Working Well hospitals in the WorkHealthy AmericaSM toolbox. Therefore, you may have to log in to your WorkHealthy AmericaSM account in order to access the tools that we have linked to within this article. If you need assistance logging in to your account, contact Lindsey Bickers Bock at NC Prevention Partners, 919-969-7022, x234.

11-28-2011 01:11 (EST)