Tips and Tools to Creating a Culture of Wellness

In order to achieve meaningful change around tobacco-policy, providing healthy food, or providing employees with access for physical activity during the workday, it’s critical to develop and maintain a culture of wellness within your institution.  Within WorkHealthy America SM, the Culture of Wellness toolbox provides an array of resources that show you how move organizational wellness to the heart of the organization.

Issues addressed within the toolbox include:

• Building executive commitment for wellness;
• Establishing human resource capacity for wellness;
• Creating financial capacity for wellness; and
• Implementing data and evaluation systems for wellness.

For hospitals that are just starting to develop an employee wellness program, these materials can help to make the pitch for wellness. Hospitals that are shifting their existing programs to focus more on systems, policies, and the worksite environment will find resources to help them adopt, implement and communicate these new efforts.  Also, the toolbox includes strategies for talking with senior leadership about how they can allow flexible scheduling that supports employee attendance at wellness events.This type of work allows all employees to see that their employer supports healthy behavior choices, including physical activity, healthy eating, tobacco cessation and breastfeeding, as strategies to prevent disease in healthy employees.

You can access the toolbox resources by logging in to your WorkHealthy America SM account.  The Culture of Wellness toolbox can be accessed from the bottom left hand corner of your home page, along with toolboxes related to nutrition, physical activity, and tobacco cessation.

To learn more about the Culture of Wellness toolbox resources, tune in to the upcoming webinar “Culture of Wellness Toolbox:  Dozens of New Tools to Help You Transform Your Workplace” on Thursday, October 27 from 2-3 PM.  Register now for this virtual tour of our newest toolbox.

10-26-2011 10:02 (EDT)