The Brand Called YOU

Kim Madden will share tips and techniques on building your brand.

Big companies understand the importance of brands. When we see a logo or company name, certain attributes immediately come to mind. What many people fail to realize is we each have our own personal brands as well.  When people receive an email or meeting invite from us, certain qualities pop into their mind about us.  A decision is made about whether or not to read the email . . .to accept the meeting invite all based on what they think about us – consciously or unconsciously.  Most professionals today spend so much time building the company brand they don’t invest effort into building their own brand.  It is time for us to take a lesson from the big brands and go the extra mile to stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

Regardless of age, position or department, we all have opportunities to improve our personal brand and become CEO of Me Inc.  No one else is going to be your own personal brand manager.  That job belongs to you!  The good news is it takes just a little effort to make a big impact.  What do you say during your introduction to a new person that will be memorable?  What does your appearance – your packaging – say about your personal brand? Do you use opportunities to influence in a powerful way or do you shy away from the situation if conflict is involved? The good news is that everyone has a chance to stand out.  Everyone has a chance to learn, improve, and build their skills.  Everyone has a chance to build their personal brand to become even more successful in all aspects of life.

Register and join us on May 1 to learn tips and techniques from Kim Madden to help you stand out from the herd.  It will be the best investment you have made in building your brand in a long time.