Stroke Prevention Act Approved by Full Committee

Last Tuesday Senator Darrell Jackson’s Stroke Prevention Act of 2011 was approved by the full 3M Committee. This legislation is the result of the recommendations of the Stroke System of Care Study Committee established in 2009. During the previous week’s subcommittee hearing, several stroke victims testified as to the importance of getting the right care immediately upon recognition of symptoms in order to recover as fully as possible. Emphasis was also directed toward bringing awareness to young adult victims of stoke, an increasing population that is sometimes not diagnosed immediately because of their age. As approved by the Committee, the bill provides for the following:

  • requires the Department of Health and Environmental Control to identify hospitals as primary stroke centers and stroke enabled centers through telemedicine and other levels as they become recognized by a national accrediting body;
  • establishes a Stroke System of Care Advisory Council to be appointed by DHEC director, and provides for its membership;
  • requires the Council, in consultation with the DHEC’s Division of Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention and the Division of Emergency Medical Services, to be responsible for developing and implementing the statewide system of stroke care; and
  • establishes a method for developing protocols for coordination and transportation with the Division of Emergency Medical Services.


05-23-2011 12:00 (EDT)