Stay Connected to NC Prevention Partners Work in Hospitals

NC Prevention Partners is currently involved with work to improve the health of hospital employees in North Carolina, South Carolina and New York City.  The organization is sharing its successes and challenges related to these efforts on a new blog.The hospital blog is a great place to read about how other hospitals have made changes to support healthy choices around nutrition, physical activity and tobacco cessation. 

Also, starting in October, representatives from Working Well Centers of Excellence will be serving as guest bloggers, discussing their involvement in the initiative thus far.   At the end of each blog entry, readers have the opportunity to comment, ask questions and/or share their own experiences.  In this way, the blog will provide a venue for hospitals to learn from each other, even when they’re in different regions of the country.  The blog is also a great place to keep up on future webinars and events.

Even if you’re not a regular blog reader, it’s easy to access the blog.  Just click here , and browse the stories that interest you.  If you’re a little more tech savy, you can also follow @MelvaFagerOkun and @ncprevention on Twitter for tweets about recent blog posts and other worksite wellness news.

09-26-2011 03:10 (EDT)