Spotlight on Success: Duplin General Hospital Recognized as a Gold Star Hospital

Congratulations to Duplin General Hospital for being the 24th hospital in North Carolina to earn the Gold Star for enhancing their efforts to help employees quit the use of tobacco. 

In February, Duplin General Hospital (DGH) earned Gold Star status for their excellent tobacco cessation programs.  A whole team of staff worked together to make a number of improvements to their quit tobacco system for employees.  The DGH Quit Tobacco Team closed loopholes in their 100% tobacco-free property policy by creating a tobacco-free zone around the property.  Now, employees may only use tobacco if they clock out and use unpaid time to leave campus.  As DGH recently became part of University Health System, they simultaneously rolled out new health benefits and incentives, including offering nicotine replacement therapies at no-cost.  They also added a health insurance premium differential for all non-tobacco users.  And the DGH Quit Tobacco Team implemented an evaluation to track tobacco-using employees at 3 and 6 month check-points.

For more information on how your hospital can become a Gold Star hospital, contact Jen Wright at the South Carolina Hospital Association (, 803.744.3553). 

04-28-2011 11:07 (EDT)