Spotlight: Laurens County Health Care System

On April 6th, Laurens County Health Care System President and CEO, Rich D'Alberto, led between 65-80 employees through the hospital campus for a 25 minute walk in honor of the American Heart Association's National Start! Walking Day. This annual event encourages businesses to allow employees to wear sneakers to work and walk 30 minutes during the day. D'Alberto led his staff around and through several campus parking lots as well as along existing walking trails at a brisk pace.

D'Alberto comments on the event. “It was an exciting moment to conduct our first “Employee Walk Around” and watch the excitement of our employees as they began their personal journey to wellness. Stepping out of the office and into an activity with my staff was invigorating and enjoyable. Walking is a great activity that allows you to work it out and chat  at the same time. Communicating to my employees is a priority so it was the perfect opportunity to “go live”  and laugh a little at the same time. I personally live an active lifestyle and am glad to see the culture of our hospital start to move toward being more health-conscious. Little by little, I am seeing employees progressing toward healthier foods, more exercise and less tobacco. I believe a healthier culture begins at the top and we are responsible to do what we can to encourage our employees to that end…we must  lead by example if we are to succeed. I’m glad LCHCS chose to participate in AHA’s National Start! Walking Day and I look forward to our next event. Good things are happening at LCHCS!”

Staff from the entire hospital were encouraged to participate through campus-wide emails and bulletin notices. An article was also written in their monthly employee newspaper, Healthy Times, to make employees aware of the special event. Department leaders, front line and administrative staff, and some clinical staff joined D'Alberto in LCHCS's first "Employee Walk Around". Apon completion of their walk, employees returned to the building and saw two tables with LCHCS's wellness banner proudly displayed across the front. One of the tables provided walkers with ice cold bottled water and a basket of fresh fruit. The other table displayed information pertaining to wellness such as fat vs. muscle examples, fat tubes depicting the amount of fat found in common foods, and wellness brochures to encourage healthy living. Each walker was given a special water cup and their name was entered into a drawing for one of three $25 Academy Sports gift cards.

Kayla Morrow, HR specialist and fellow walker, commented, "I was really excited that LCHCS decided to participate in the AHA’s National Start! Walking Day!  It gave us the opportunity to really kick start our wellness journey as a hospital family and gave us the opportunity to encourage one another.  I hope we continue to have these opportunities throughout the year to keep us focused on our goals!"

05-23-2011 05:18 (EDT)