Special Just Culture Certification Training for SC hospitals

Register now for Just Culture certification training to be held January 14-18, 2013, at the Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, SC.

Through our partnership with Outcome Engenuity, SCHA is very pleased to offer Just Culture certification training to our South Carolina member hospitals at a significantly reduced fee of $1,500 per person. The course is normally $4,000, so this is an opportunity not to be missed! SCHA recommends each hospital send a human resources professional and at least one additional staff member.

Thank you to MUSC for graciously co-sponsoring this course.

How can Just Culture benefit your organization? The Just Culture certification course is designed to help organizations achieve better outcomes, pursue sustainable and positive culture change through learning and justice, and reduce adverse events. This is accomplished by developing in-house expertise in the 5 Skills and the Just Culture Algorithm™. Participants are provided with the tools and knowledge to lead cultural change and build effective sociotechnical, justice and learning systems in their organizations.

Space is limited – Please reserve your seats as soon as possible. Register online now! (https://www.scha.org/events/just-culture-certification-course)