Speakers for SCHA and SC ACHE 2015 Annual Meeting announced

Author, executive coach and businessman Kevin O'Connor is this year's featured speaker.

On January 28-29, SCHA and the SC chapter of ACHE will host their annual meetings at the Marriott Columbia. The SC ACHE Annual Meeting will take place over lunch on January 28. During the luncheon the state chapter will recognize leaders and present chapter awards. Following the awards, Sunil Sinha, an ACHE governor, will give the keynote presentation. Dr. Sinha is the market medical director for Virginia of Jen Care, Inc. As an ACHE fellow, he has served in leadership roles on ACHE committees, as chief medical officer at a large hospital, with Pfizer, and with the Department of Veterans Affairs. He is also a former senior examiner for the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award. 

Based on overwhelmingly positive response from 2013, a 3-hr ACHE Face-to-Face session will immediately follow the SC ACHE luncheon. The featured speaker for the 3-hr session is Kevin O’Connor. Kevin is an author, executive coach, businessman, and professional speaker. He specializes in working with professionals who have been promoted to leadership positions where they now lead their former peers. He has spoken in SC several times and at ACHE’s Congress and typically has a groupie like following of people eager to hear more. 

His session, “Possibilities, Probabilities and Creative Solutions: Breakthrough Thinking for Complex Environments,” will teach us how to go beyond traditional methods of problem solving to generate new ideas. His ideas and creativity will inspire leaders to create new ideas and facilitate sustainable system wide improvement. He’s high energy so hang on tight. 

Then continue on with an opening reception featuring the 2014 Cooking Well Invitational champions. The team from Greenville Health System Oconee Medical Campus will provide a demo and sampling of their award winning dishes during the reception. 

Finally, on Thursday, join with hospital leaders from across the state as we explore issues that are creating opportunities for us to shape our future, before we are mandated to do so. From post-election analysis, to discussing situational awareness of the safety of our hospitals, to discovering what consumers demand related to transparency, there is much to learn. Make sure leaders from all levels plan to attend to learn about the issues and shape the discussion. 

For more information and to register, visit the SCHA web calendar or contact Lara Hewitt.