South Carolina Clean Hands Day

The Quality and Patient Safety Team’s investigators scouted suspects for their May 5 grime scene investigation. The entire SCHA staff was suspect for improper hand hygiene. To clear their names, staff gathered around the grime scene in the SCHA lobby and learned the proper way of washing their hands to prevent the spread of infection and clear their names.

Many staff members were shocked to learn their hand hygiene habits were not as effective as they thought. The Grime Scene Investigators: South Carolina (GSI:SC) forensics team had a special GSI black light to show staff the germs left behind when they did not wash their hands properly. When Human Resources Director Sandi Daly’s hands were placed under the black light, a somber look fell over her face. “I can’t believe how many germs I missed when I washed my hands!” Daly said. Luckily, the investigators were there to teach Sandi and others how to get rid of all of the germs on their hands so they could be eliminated as a suspects.

This grime scene investigation was part of an international May 5 celebration to raise hand hygiene awareness.  SCHA is joined by member hospitals across the state in celebrating May 5 with South Carolina Clean Hands Day.   

In the past, our hospitals celebrated this important day by hosting hand hygiene events within their hospitals and communities. This year on May 5, we encouraged member hospitals to continue this tradition within their institution and community. To share your May 5 pictures and stories please contact Margey Bolen at (803) 744-3523.

05-05-2011 06:18 (EDT)