Senate continues work on state budget

The Senate spent numerous hours last week debating the $6 billion budget plan but very little progress was made. They will return Tuesday at 10 am to take up the dozens of amendments and sections that must still be adopted. If the past four weeks are any indication, the Senate will likely not be able to reach a compromise in time to send the budget to the House and address vetoes by the June 2 adjournment.
Under the proposed sine die resolution, the legislature could return June 14 to take up the budget and other specified issues. The Senate however must also approve that measure and work out the details with the House.
The previous week  the Board of Economic Advisors announced that revenue projections have increased by $210 million.  On Wednesday evening, an amendment was adopted that would place $105 million of the projected revenue toward the financing of public schools. On Thursday, debate was held on a proposed amendment using the extra funding for an income tax rebate for income tax payers.  Roll call votes are now required for every section in the budget, adding hours to the time spent on the budget.  We will continue to keep you posted as debate on the State budget continues. Please be on the lookout and prepared to respond to Legislative Alerts & Calls to Action.

05-23-2011 10:57 (EDT)