SCHR now SCHA Solutions

SCHR (South Carolina Healthcare Resources) was created in 1992 by SCHA to offer a waste management option for hospitals when many hospitals had no other options. Since then, SCHR has continued to help hospitals meet their waste management requirements and, through other valuable partnerships, has added to the list of products and services it offers member hospitals.

However, when we picked the original name for this vital SCHA-affiliated organization, we unwittingly threw our members a curveball. The name (SCHR) didn’t clearly indicate to our members that we are the shared service arm of SCHA.

For this reason, we have changed our name to SCHA Solutions. The change was first announced last week at the SCHA Leadership Summit in Charleston. On the second day of the Summit, SCHA Solutions board members and SCHA staff wore gray polo shirts with the new name stitched in black.

Now that word is out, we want everyone to know that only our name has changed. We are still helping take the work out of finding the right company and assuring our members the best customer service possible. Plus, SCHA Solutions will continue to invest revenue back into SCHA programs and services for member hospitals, increasing the assistance the Association provides while minimizing dues increases.

Did you know that SCHA Solutions has contributed more than $500,000 over the past six years to SCHA to help pay for the new headquarters and conference center. This support has made it possible for the Association members to invest in a state of the art headquarters and conference center without special assessments or dues increases to pay for it. 

We hope our new name will eliminate any confusion concerning who we are.  And we hope you’ll give SCHA Solutions a chance to show you how we can save you money, take some of the work out of contracting with vendors, provide the best customer service you’ve experienced, and return part of your expenditures back to your association.

We’ve been representing and assisting the state’s hospitals for nearly a century, and SCHA Solutions is just one more way we put that experience and knowledge to work for members. Give us a chance to put it to work for you.

For more information about SCHA Solutions, contact Tommy Cockrell at 803.744.3510 or Melissa Pounds 803.744.3519.