SCHA's Former Workforce Intern Shares Her Story of Strength in the Face of a Life Threatening SItuation

Savannah Tapler, SCHA’s workforce intern in 2012, was an energetic, dedicated young woman with many new beginnings ahead of her. Her focus and strength were tested more than she could have ever imagined though when she suffered a stroke on the morning of her 25th birthday last year. WIS-TV covered Savannah and her remarkable recovery in a special feature.

While at SCHA, Savannah worked with Senior Vice President Jimmy Walker on issues with SC DHEC like certificate of need, health regulations, and maternal and child health.

Her dedication to her work—even though she was a newlywed finishing her degree—was well respected by SCHA staff.
“Savannah made a major impression on me one Friday night when it was 6:40 p.m. and I was leaving the office but Savannah was still here–as an intern with a new husband,” said Walker. “I didn’t ask her to stay, she just stayed. She was focused on her work and it dawned on me then that this woman is something special.”
 We are proud to have had a small role in her career and we wish Savannah and her husband all the best with their new baby as we celebrate her amazing story.

08-03-2015 11:41 (EDT)