SCHA releases 2014 Annual Report

SCHA had another good year, thanks to members, sponsors, partners and supporters.

SCHA had another good year, thanks to members, sponsors, partners and supporters. The following are some report highlights (or click here to view the full report). 

According to a statewide poll conducted in 2014, hospitals ranked among the top four public entities in South Carolina behind firefighters, the military and doctors. Nearly 80 of respondents rated the quality of hospital care in South Carolina as excellent or good. 

It was another tumultuous year for South Carolina's Certificate of Need (CON) program. Although SCHA achieved its goal of restoring funding for DHEC to administer the program, the work surrounding CON is far from over. SCHA also continued to persist in its public education campaign of Medicaid expansion via newspaper, radio and television coverage and town hall and community organization meetings.

Seven South Carolina hospitals have reached "Baby Friendly" designation by implementing policies that promote breastfeeding immediate after birth.

Also this year, SCHA's Working Well program assisted 82 organizations in creating cultures of wellness. In November, Governor Haley pledged that her office, along with the 16 South Carolina cabinet agencies and SC DHEC, will join the Working Well cohort.  Working Well also hosted its second annual Cooking Well Invitational in which nine Gold Apple hospital dietary teams competed in the kitchen. Greenville Health System - Oconee Memorial Hospital were crowned the winners.

The Birth Outcomes Initiative (BOI) has helped reduce by half the number of electice deliveries prior to 39 weeks, saving an estimated $6 million in health care costs. BOI is moving head to reduce the number of babies delivered by casarean section, which increase the risk of complications to the mother and baby. 

The South Carolina Safe Care Commitment, the high reliability initiative led by SCHA and The Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare, welcomes four additional organizations as part of Cohort Two in 2014. 

South Carolina birthing hospitals, SCHA and DHEC have begun addressing the issue of delayed deliveries of newborn blood samples to labs for testing. Between February and August, the statewide average of speciments sent for testing withint 24 hours of collection increased from 56 percent to 90 percent.

The AccessHealth Network has helped remove barriers to health care and eliminated $3.2 million in health care costs in our state.

Lastly, SCHA Solutions has continued to help develop programs and services to meet special needs among SCHA's members, including Healthcare Staffing Services which helps hospitals maintain an appropriate and efficient workforce.

To view the full 2014 Annual Report, click here.