SCHA receives award for workplace health and prevention

Prevention Partners has awarded the SCHA with the Excellence Recognition for reaching the highest standards in workplace health and prevention.

For the second year in a row, Prevention Partners has awarded the South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA) with the Excellence Recognition for reaching the highest standards in workplace health and prevention. SCHA sustained this recognition by earning straight As in four modules of WorkHealthy America, a Prevention Partners initiative addressing tobacco use, physical activity, nutrition and the overall culture around health and wellness. The Excellence Recognition honors SCHA’s commitment to employee health as demonstrated by its policies, programs and benefits to support employee health, optimize employee productivity and integrate wellness into daily operations.

“SCHA sets a high bar in establishing and sustaining a workplace where employees can make healthy choices,” says Meg Molloy, president and CEO of Prevention Partners. “I applaud this great effort and the commitment of SCHA’s leadership to create a culture of wellness.” 

"We are extremely proud to be able to achieve this national recognition two years in a row, especially as the first and only hospital association in the country to do so," said SCHA's Working Well Manager Jen Wright. "Thanks to our leadership’s commitment to the health of our colleagues and our wellness team’s energy and passion, we are able to lead by example. We look forward to continuing to implement innovative strategies that support our employees in reaching their optimal health."

In 2011, SCHA established a branded employee wellness program -- Work to Be Fit. Its mission is to provide an environment, supported by policy, which is conducive to the improvement of employee health and productivity. Work to Be Fit has established wellness policies to make the healthy choice the easy choice, including policies for a tobacco-free campus, healthy food, physical activity and a mother-friendly workplace. SCHA also strives to create an environment supportive of health by providing an on-site walking trail, occasional on-site fitness classes, healthy foods in the conference center, a weekly produce delivery service and a mother’s lounge for nursing mothers. 

Free services such as flu shots and health screenings are also provided to employees throughout the year, as well as educational classes on a variety of wellness topics including healthy cooking and eating, stress management, fitness and self defense. Quarterly wellness challenges are also offered to encourage healthy behaviors like water consumption, fitness, fruit and vegetable consumption and weight management. Employees are rewarded for healthy behaviors, participation in programs and receiving preventive services through the wellness incentive program. If employees meet the requirements and earn at least 100 wellness points throughout the year, they receive a health insurance premium discount. 

"The South Carolina Hospital Association balances many priorities for our members, but there's nothing more important to our success than the health of our employees," said SCHA President and CEO Thornton Kirby. "When SCHA staff and their families are healthy, we can achieve great things! We're excited about this recognition from Prevention Partners, and we're proud of our staff for their commitment to healthy living."