SCHA Executive Assistant Melanie Whitfield Receives 2018 AHCAP Award of Distinction


Melanie Whitfield, who has worked with SCHA President and CEO Thornton Kirby for six years, was recognized by the Association for Healthcare Administrative Professionals (AHCAP) with the Award of Distinction, a recognition designed to distinguish and honor members whose contributions and accomplishments advance the professionalism of healthcare administrative support.

During her time at SCHA, Whitfield has modernized the Association’s administrative efforts and provided great leadership to her professional colleagues. Whitfield has been also served as a proud member of AHCAP for the past six years.

Not surprisingly, Whitfield’s most significant accomplishments have been in the President's Office of SCHA. She has modernized the way we communicate with our Board of Trustees, and she has improved the internal systems and processes used to manage our governance functions in general. Whitfield has also been a leader for the organization in communications, volunteering to serve as an editor for our social media platforms and frequent membership updates. She’s also distinguished herself through her support of SCHA's disaster preparedness efforts. In recent years, South Carolina hospitals have responded to several hurricanes and a major flood event, and Whitfield has been a critical link in our communications between member hospitals and state emergency response officials.

SCHA heartily congratulations Whitfield for winning the 2018 AHCAP Award of Distinction and thanks her for all she does to advance our organization.

08-01-2018 10:35 (EDT)