SCHA Embraces "Fit to Give" Challenge

The South Carolina Hospital Association is kicking off the new year with a friendly contest with its neighboring employees at Central Electric Power company to promote workplace wellness. The physical activity challenge called “Fit to Give” began January 1. The goal for each organization is to record the highest weekly average of physical activity minutes over the course of the next two months, with joint company events and group fitness activities scheduled to encourage and motivate participating employees. Minutes will either be tracked by an electronic device or manually recorded in a fitness app. It’s a fun way to help people with their New Year’s resolutions and keep employees physically active during the winter. 

Each participant at SCHA receives a free t-shirt with our team name, “Rise of the Fit-ans,” and the winning organization will receive a trophy, bragging rights and a $1,000 donation to the charity of their choice paid by the losing company. SCHA has chosen the Oliver Gospel Mission as our charity and will be sweating hard to win the inaugural challenge!