SCHA Business Solutions Company Unveils New Plan, New Brand

Introducing Solvent Networks

SCHA Solutions is now Solvent Networks, but there’s no change in its core mission of connecting hospitals needing business solutions with partners who can provide them.

A wholly-owned company of the South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA), Solvent Networks recently unveiled a new strategic plan to increase services for state hospitals and a new brand to reflect anticipated growth and expansion.

“Our goal is to be the number-one resource for hospitals looking for solutions to financial, operational, workforce and other business-oriented issues and challenges,” said Neill Cameron, president. “The new name more effectively describes what we do and how we do it. We help hospitals solve problems by connecting them with a network of partners who provide business tools and services at the best possible price.”

Solvent Networks identifies, vets and endorses companies, negotiating a compensation agreement that discounts costs for hospitals and provides revenue to support SCHA initiatives. SCHA is the member association that serves as the collective voice of and advocate for all state hospitals and health systems.

Solvent Networks also manages corporate sponsorship opportunities that directly support SCHA and plans to expand service to hospital leaders through consulting, training and executive coaching opportunities.

“We also seek out or create new ideas and innovative programs for further development or beta testing to stay ahead of emerging or anticipated healthcare needs,” Cameron said.

“We strive to be a high-value partner for member hospitals, and one way we can add value is by increasing services and programs without increasing costs to our members,” said Thornton Kirby, SCHA chief executive officer. “Solvent Networks is an important part of that value equation. In 1995, it represented 3 percent of SCHA’s budget. Today, that figure is nearly 50 percent.”

A partial list of initiatives funded through Solvent Networks revenue includes:

  • Scholarships, recruitment and training programs to develop the future healthcare workforce;
  • Continuing education and professional development for the current workforce;
  • Programs to improve the quality of the workplace;
  • Advocacy and counsel on state and federal legislative and policy issues.