SC Quitline helps people Quit for Keeps

NC Prevention Partners has identified five key components needed to implement a comprehensive approach to tobacco cessation amongst hospital employees.  One of these elements is to ensure a system approach that helps employees quit tobacco.  The South Carolina Quitline is a wonderful resource that can help your hospital provide quitting resources and follow-up with employees who are interested in quitting.

The Quitline is a FREE service that helps individuals develop a personalized quit plan with a trained quit coach.  All South Carolinians can reach the Quitline by calling 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669).  The Quitline is also one of the best referrals you can make on behalf of an employee to encourage quitting. Employers can make direct referrals to the SC Quitline by using the Fax Referral Form. Through the Fax Referral program, smokers and tobacco chewers no longer have to take the often difficult first step of calling the Quitline.  By using the Fax Referral Form, you can guarantee that someone is linked to the services provided by the Quitline because the Quitline will call them.

A call with the Quitline will help your employees access all cessation services that they are eligible for.  For those who don’t have insurance coverage for cessation programs, the Quitline has a multi-call program where the Quitline will follow-up with an individual over five separate calls to work through the quitting process.  Also, individuals without health insurance may be eligible to receive FREE nicotine gum or patches as a part of Quitline services.
If your hospital would like to promote the Quitline, the SC Department of Health and Envionmental Control has a variety of free materials available to you.  Complete the fax order form, fax it to the phone number on the form and have materials shipped directly to you.

Also, we encourage you to check out the Quit for Keeps webpage where you can access other resources, including a Quitline fact sheet, clinical tools to help pregnant smokers quit, and information about SC hospital-based tobacco cessation services.  You can update your facility’s listing online if you’ve changed or added services since the database was last comprehensively updated two years ago.

Use the SC Quitline and help your employees Quit for Keeps!


Note: This reoccurring series will highlight resources available to Working Well hospitals in the WorkHealthy AmericaSM toolbox.  Therefore, you may have to log in to your WorkHealthy AmericaSM account in order to access the tools that we have linked to within this article. If you need assistance logging in to your account, contact Lindsey Bickers Bock at NC Prevention Partners at 919-969-7022, x234.

06-21-2011 12:01 (EDT)