The SC DATABANK Program is an essential reporting tool for both SCHA and member hospitals. SCHA greatly appreciates the efforts by member hospitals that provide a continuous flow of information. SCHA is working to ensure that the DATABANK Program continues to provide accurate and timely information to hospitals.  

The DATABANK Program provides comparable information on average length of stay, outpatient statistics, charges and expenses per day and per stay, uncollected charges, number of days in accounts receivable gross, profitability and a number of personnel statistics. DATABANK reports compare a facility with the overall state, predetermined peer groups (i.e., expenses, bed size) and custom peer groups.

Our goal is to make your participation in the DATABANK Program simple and rewarding. To help restore the strength of this program, we have dedicated a staff member to work with hospitals participating in DATABANK. SCHA Data Analyst Katrina Williams will be your primary contact for the DATABANK Program. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact Katrina at (803) 744-3521 or

06-08-2009 12:00 (EDT)