O'Loughlin Reviews Progress Since First Symposium in 2008

SCHA Chairman Jim O’Loughlin kicked off the 4th Annual South Carolina Patient Safety Symposium by congratulating South Carolina’s health care community for its achievements toward reforming the state’s health care system since the first symposium in 2008. O’Loughlin, CEO of Carolinas Hospital System in Florence, reminded attendees that “We continue to be one of the top five states in the country for the number of STEMI heart attack patients receiving emergency cath lab intervention in less than 90 minutes; we have seen a 36 percent reduction in blood stream infections compared to a 21 percent reduction nationally; and 100 percent of SCHA member hospitals have implemented a patient/family trigger for the rapid response teams.”

In addition, he noted that quality core measures show more improvement in South Carolina than national averages across the board, and that 100 percent of our hospitals that offer surgical services have committed to implement the Surgical Safety Checklist in every operating room. Implementing the checklist has proven to reduce medical errors by 30 percent, according to quality expert Atul Gawande, MD, who is partnering with South Carolina to pilot the first statewide initiative focused on implementation of the checklist.

“This year’s symposium provides a wonderful opportunity to learn from national experts and one another, to celebrate what we have accomplished together, to recognize individual patient safety champions and to renew our collective commitment to providing safe, high quality health care to every patient, every time. I feel confident you will leave here inspired to lead the transformational journey towards a healthier South Carolina in your respective organizations and communities,” O’Loughlin said.


Click Here to See Jim O'Loughlin's Presentation Video with Slides

05-18-2011 10:03 (EDT)