Notes from the Road: Working Well Visits LRADAC

Working Well’s site visit to LRADAC began with a presentation to key stakeholders including their CEO, executive assistant, human resources director, director of operations, and other members of their management team. During this time we learned that they already have a very important part of an employee wellness program, executive support. Their CEO, Gayle Aycock, is excited about establishing an employee wellness program and is very supportive of any change that will create a culture of wellness. Currently, the employees have access to health screenings and free onsite flu shots, as well as, two hours of leave a month for any wellness need.

When entering LRADAC’s campus, their commitment to a tobacco-free campus was apparent because of their thorough and eye-catching tobacco-free signage. Using best practices, they posted signs at the property entrances, throughout parking and walking areas, and at every building entrance. Employees have access to quit resources such as the Quit for Life health coaching program, nicotine replacement therapy and prescription cessation medications on formulary through the State Health Plan. LRADAC is also in the process of developing their own tobacco cessation program for their clients that employees could potentially participate in as well.

LRADAC provides many physical activity resources to their employees. They have access to the Drew Wellness Center through payroll deduction, access to workout DVDs, both indoor and outdoor walking trails, a large break room to accommodate onsite exercise and a shower and locker room.

In regards to a healthy eating environment, LRADAC is dedicated to making changes to provide healthier food options for employees. They plan to talk to their snack and drink machine vendors about the need for healthier options, and discuss product placement strategies that encourage the purchase of healthier items. LRADAC also plans to work with their catering vendors to develop a healthy menu. Currently, they have an established breastfeeding plan for nursing mothers that includes a place to nurse and flexible break times. They plan to develop a formal written policy to ensure that every nursing mother has access to the available resources.

During this site visit, the management team discovered that LRADAC already follows many of the best practices that Working Well recommends. With more communication and policy development, they are on the fast track to achieving Working Well’s Gold standards.

04-27-2015 04:01 (EDT)