Notes from the Road: AnMed Health Rehab

AnMed Health Rehabilitation Hospital is a 55-bed hospital designed to return patients to leading active, independent lives. Located in Anderson, SC, the hospital is owned and operated by HealthSouth Corporation in affiliation with AnMed Health. Back in February, Working Well went on a site visit to do a presentation to AnMed Rehab’s wellness committee and assist them in enhancing and sustaining their employee wellness efforts. The visit was hosted by Leslie Walker, Health Information Manager, and Dawn Cunningham, Marketing Director, as well as the wellness committee including the food service director, CEO, and CNO. AnMed Rehab is already making major strides towards creating a culture of wellness and making wellness a part of the fabric of their organization. They have already created high human resource capacity for wellness by establishing strong senior level support, building and maintaining a diverse and representative wellness committee to drive wellness efforts, and allocating staff time to work on wellness initiatives. This system of teamwork and buy-in at all levels will help to sustain their wellness efforts over time.

The AnMed Rehab wellness team is working hard to address nutrition, physical activity, and tobacco cessation at the worksite. To promote tobacco free people and places, AnMed Rehab has a 100% tobacco-free, property-wide policy. To enhance communication and enforcement of the policy, one next step is to ensure that “tobacco free” signage is posted at all property and building entrances and throughout parking and walking areas. They also have respiratory therapists on staff who offer free tobacco cessation counseling to employees. As an area for improvement, we discussed offering tobacco cessation benefits such as low-or-no cost nicotine replacement therapy and prescription cessation medications on formulary to help tobacco users quit.

The team is also working to provide delicious, affordable, healthy food environments by offering weekly produce boxes to staff from two different vendors and maintaining a vegetable/herb garden onsite. To educate employees on the importance of healthy eating, they offer monthly wellness seminars on various health-related topics such as nutrition and heart health, and they recently offered a Biggest Loser challenge which addressed healthier eating. Opportunities for improvement include ensuring that healthy options are available in food venues during all hours of operation. Healthy options should also be promoted through prominent product placement and pricing strategies.

AnMed Rehab’s primary focus right now is creating a physically active work environment. They are working hard to achieve the Gold Medal and they are almost there! At the time of our site visit, AnMed Rehab employees already had access to the fitness facility, walking track, and fitness assessments at AnMed Health’s main campus for free. Employees are also allowed to use the fitness equipment onsite which is normally used for patient rehabilitation purposes. Lastly, they also offered a “couch to 5K” program to help employees get moving. Since our visit, AnMed Rehab has been working hard to improve their WorkHealthy America grade in the Physical Activity module by establishing a written physical activity policy and posting point-of-decision prompts throughout the workplace to encourage physical activity among employees. They are now well on their way to earning the Gold Medal! We have enjoyed watching their progress and can’t wait to celebrate with them as they achieve their employee wellness goals.

If you are an SCHA member hospital and are not yet committed to the Working Well initiative, contact Operations Specialist Kendyl Cooke to get access to all the resources, networking, and technical assistance we offer. If you are a non-hospital worksite currently committed to Working Well, be sure to contact Corporate Wellness Specialist, Emily O’Sullivan to set up your site visit. Site visits are an integral piece of the success that worksites have achieved in this initiative.

08-29-2014 10:37 (EDT)