New Edition to the Working Well Team

After years of wishing for someone with a background in data analysis, NC Prevention Partners (NCPP) is glad to welcome Sharmila Udyavar. Sharmila joined NCPP in June 2011 as a Program and Data Analyst. Her primary role will be to serve as a data analyst for Working Well. She will be responsible for determining the best ways to present available data from Working Well, use data collected from hospitals’ assessments for reporting and mapping purposes, and assist the program in being more data driven in its approach and hence more effective. 

Sharmila says that she is most excited about helping the team to use good data to assist decision making.  She points out that data can help us shift away from traditional ways of doing things and develop a customized approach that is based on the market needs.

Sharmila comes to Chapel Hill after a seven year stint at Fayetteville State University where she worked on a grant from the National Institutes of Health to study health disparities among minority populations in the Cape Fear region of North Carolina.  Nutrition, dietary changes occurring as a result of acculturation, and lifestyle behaviors that result in poor health outcomes have been the focus of Sharmila’s work.  Her research is primarily quantitative, but she has also used mixed methodologies in some multicultural studies conducted at the Center.

Outside of work, Sharmila loves culture, travel and cooking.  She says she is “looking forward to exploring the gastronomic landscape of the Triangle region of North Carolina.”

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07-26-2011 04:39 (EDT)