National & State Leaders to Speak at SCHA Leadership Summit

The agenda includes Certificate of Need, increasing coverage for the uninsured, reimbursement, future legislative priorities & how to engage clinical leadership.

Each year, hospital leaders from around the state participate in an Executive Leadership Summit. We use this time to share issues of greatest concern to the hospital community. The agenda includes issues such as Certificate of Need, increasing coverage for the uninsured, reimbursement, future legislative priorities, and how to engage clinical leadership. As we talk about the issues, we discuss how they are likely to impact hospitals and begin to develop strategies to respond as an industry to the challenges identified.

Join in the conversation about the future of health care in South Carolina. Join the leadership of SCHA and statewide colleagues at the 2014 SCHA Executive Leadership Summit to be held July 22-23 at the Marriott Columbia. The program will feature leaders in health care services and policy from around the country and from the state.

National leaders include:

  • Steven Summer and Jay Want, MD, from Colorado to share on the Colorado transparency experience
  • Ryan Gish from Kaufman Hall to discuss the results of a large study on the decline of the inpatient and implications for health services delivery
  • Tere Koenig, MD, with the Camden Group to discuss how hospitals and physicians can and should work better together to achieve new results

State leaders include:

  • Tony Keck, the state Medicaid director, to share his plans for payment reform
  • Catherine Templeton, who heads SC DHEC, to discuss the current state and future of CON
  • Michael Batchelor with Baptist Easley Hospital, Pat Cawley, MD with MUSC, and Gayle Resetar with Georgetown Hospital System, to discuss how their hospitals are preparing to provide more care outside an acute setting

To register online, visit the SCHA calendar and contact Lara Hewitt for more information.