Michelin produces tires and healthy employees

As rising health care costs plagued many businesses in 2007, Michelin realized it needed a sound plan for the future. After 18 months of analysis and design, a new corporate strategy to help employees achieve better health and quality of life was born: Choose Well-Live Well (CWLW). A holistic, long-term strategy for aching how Michelin employees and their families approach health care, CWLW integrates preventive care and consumer-driven medical plan design with health food choices, health risk assessments, health coaching, weight management, condition/disease management, case management, financial incentives and more.

When Michelin employees and families enroll in the Healthy Options Medical Plan, they receive many of the usual health benefits. However, they also get access to more than 20 onsite and telephonic CWLW programs at no cost. They receive additional HRA funds just for completing a personal health assessment (PHR) and creating a Health Action Plan (HAP).In addition, the plan provides employees with a health advocate, a clinically trained registered nurse who helps employees navigate the health care system by answering questions and providing wellness information.

“Michelin’s employees are the backbone of our company,” says Martin Storey, director of benefits for Michelin North America. “The health and well-being of our employees has a direct impact on the success of our company.”

In keeping its commitment to employee wellness, Michelin opened its first Family Health Center in North America in December at its North American headquarters campus in Greenville, SC. The center, operated by Walgreens Take Care Health System, offers primary care, urgent care and preventive care.

“The Michelin Family Health Center offers employees, retirees, and their families a convenient and highly cost-effective option or quality health and wellness care, “ said Dick Wilkerson, chairman and president of Michelin North America. “The second Michelin Health Center is already under construction at our Donaldson Center campus, and there are plans to create health centers at additional sites in the future.”

As of February 2011, the Family Health Center had received an average of 162 patients per week and almost 2,000 total visits. Employees represented 58 percent of these visits, with dependents comprising 36 percent and retires making up 5 percent.

Michelin saw positive results in the first year of the CWLW program, including a return on investment of $7.2 million versus a projected $2.1 million. In the first year, 23 percent of the employees reported an increase in life satisfaction.

In 2010 Michelin was one of 66 employers to receive the Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Award from the National Business Group on Health’s Institute on Innovation in Workforce Well-Being.

(from South Carolina Business, May/June 2011 article: “Workplace Wellness: Building a Healthier Employee” by Matthew Gregory)

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