Lost hope found

Charles Dease had lost all hope in ever finding a helping hand. In 2006, an ATV rollover accident left him with brain damage and chronic back pain. Unable to work, he was without health insurance and considered the Emergency Room his only option for care.

“When they carry you to the ER in the ambulance, they gotta see you,” he says. A friend told Charles about the SC Mission 2011 event, which was offering free medical care to those in need. At Mission, he was able to see a physician and was referred to Access Kershaw for follow-up care for a growth on his ear.

The referral made a world of difference. “I wouldn’t have an ear if it wasn’t for Access Kershaw.” Through Access Kershaw, Charles was connected with Sandhills Medical Foundation. Karen Clyburn, a nurse practitioner, and Dr. Akinwale Olatosi referred Charles to Dr. Brian Leach, a dermatologist at the Medical University of South Carolina, who removed the basal cell carcinoma on Charles’ ear.

Care coordinators at Access Kershaw also helped Charles apply for disability, receive Medicaid, and identify which plan would be in his best interest. He remains a patient at Sandhills.

Charles now believes there are helping hands in this world and is quick to refer others to Access Kershaw. “They made me understand they could help me, and that was my turning point. I said, ‘Wow, there really are people out there that care and love you. I go to bed each night and thank the good Lord for everything that I got and I say a prayer for these people. I’m glad they could be here for me and other people as well.”

05-18-2015 12:25 (EDT)