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While the U.S. remains Ebola-free, the West African nation of Mali now has five confirmed Ebola deaths and should be included as one of the countries that travelers are screened for when asking about their travel histories. That means that health care providers and emergency response workers should also ask if suspected Ebola patients have traveled to or interacted with anyone who has traveled to Mali.

The countries most ravaged by Ebola in West Africa continue to be Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, and the travelers from those countries will continue to be screened at major U.S. airports and monitored for symptoms. With only five deaths and 300 citizens being monitored for the virus, the Mali outbreak is currently being reported as a “limited transmission.” New York’s Bellevue hospital has already treated one individual who recently came to the U.S. from Mali, and that patient was isolated and tested negative for Ebola. 

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