Hurricane Matthew Update

The latest on Hurricane Matthew and its impact on South Carolina hospitals.

October 12, 2016 - 9:30 a.m.

Latest Information

DHEC is asking hospitals impacted by Hurricane Matthew to communicate any needs to your county emergency managers, and to continue to update patient and resource data. DHEC has added several resources to its disaster preparedness webpage, including post-disaster hospital reopening procedures. We are continuing to work with DHEC to survey hospitals impacted by the storm to expedite critical data, restore services, and help facilitate any patient transfer information.

DHEC continues to host regional calls for areas impacted by Hurricane Matthew:

Lowcountry Regional Call: Today at 10:30am, hosted by Amanda Ritsema, Lowcountry Office of Public Health Preparedness, DHEC

Pee Dee Regional Call: Today - Friday at 1:30pm, hosted by Mark Hendrix, Pee Dee Region Director of Public Health Preparedness, DHEC

For call-in information, please contact Morgan Bowne at or 704.242.2380.

Latest Weather Forecast

Many areas continue to be impacted by flooding, water access, storm debris, and widespread power outages. We have received notice that the majority of hospitals that evacuated are resuming operations, and several hospitals are still being powered by generators. However, utility workers are working around-the-clock to restore power in affected areas.

River flooding and storm debris could continue to impact areas around the Pee Dee and Grand Strand regions, delaying storm recovery and the restoration of some services.

Special Needs Shelters

DHEC officials thank SC hospitals for taking on patients who may have been better suited in a special needs shelter during Hurricane Matthew. They asked that you continue to provide shelter to these residents in your communities as needed until DHEC can coordinate their transfer.

DHEC has provided the following statewide number to help triage and coordinate these individuals: 1.800.868.0404.

Notice for Patients Needing Assistance with Oxygen Resources

We understand that individuals that need assistance with oxygen resources continue to present at faclities in some areas. Individuals with an oxygen concentrator or a nebulizer who need electrical power to run their device should call 1-866-246-0133 for shelter locations with power. If an individual presents at your facility and and needs an oxygen tank, here is a list of local contacts that can help:

  • Marion County EOC: 843.431.5009
  • West Darlington EMS: 1625 Harry Byrd Highway, Darlington
  • Dillon County EMS: 1415 East Main St., Dillon
  • Horry County M.L. Brown Public Safety Building: 2560 North Main St., Conway
  • Georgetown City Fire Department: 1405 Prince St., Georgetown


We are working with DHEC to be able to assist you in the recovery process, including reopening of facilities that had to close. We also have resources that cover the various steps and procedures to aid in the recovery and reopening process:

SCEMD reported that FEMA officials are on the ground, so hospitals should be thinking about cost documentation and preparing for possible reimbursement and cost recovery for losses.

If you have any questions about these materials or would like any additional information, please contact Morgan Bowne at or 704.242.2380.