House Majority Leader speaks at SCHA Annual Meeting

Bingham tells hospital leaders they must develop relationships with elected officials

“It is incumbent on you to educate your legislator, ” S.C. House Majority Leader Kenny Bingham, told hospital leaders during the SCHA Annual Meeting in Columbia. The lawmaker, who represents House District 89, told SCHA members that they must work closely with their elected officials to influence health care policy that enables providers to meet the needs of their communities.

“Everyone understands that health care is important, but not everyone understands health care.  Nothing is more complicated than medical issues,” explained Bingham, adding  that he has a passion of health care, but he wants to understand it better.  As a civil engineer, he says he  must rely on the experts in health care to explain complicated issues to him.

“I can’t stress the importance of developing relationships with your legislators.  If you think your issue is important, you need to have the vision to develop a relationship with your legislators, ” Leader Bingham advised SCHA members.  He also added that the time to develop relationships is before the session begins, not when your issue hits. “Once it hits, it’s too late to develop a relationship.”