Helping After Harvey

SCHA Encourages Donations to the Texas Hospital Association’s Hospital Employee Assistance Fund

The effects from the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey will linger long after the rain stops and the media moves on from its breathless coverage of our state. But we here at SCHA know that our fellow hospital employees will continue to toil long hours and work tirelessly and selflessly to take of the thousands of sick, elderly and most vulnerable patients who were affected by this tragedy the most.  

In the meantime, many of these hospitals workers across Texas will have lost their own homes or experienced significant property damage. We want to help.

We are encouraging all SCHA members and the general public to contribute to the Texas Hospital Association’s Hospital Employee Assistance Fund, money which will provide assistance to employees of hospitals located in the disaster zone who have experienced significant property loss during the storm or the torrential floods that followed.

In the coming days, THA will share programmatic details as well as materials hospitals can share with employees. In the meantime, donations can be made at THA’s website here. We encourage everyone to give generously.