Healthy Hospital Practice to Practice Series (P2P)

This P2P Series presents case studies of hospitals improving their environments to better support the health of their employees and embody the mission of their organization. An eastern North Carolina hospital was recognized for their extraordinary work to provide delicious and affordable healthy food to their employees, including increasing access to healthy foods and reducing the price of healthy items.  This facility was part of the Red Apple Initative in North Carolina and set the standards for Working Well and the nutrition standards used for hospitals in SC particiapting in the the statewide effort to improve employee health relating to tobacco cessation, nutrion, and increase access to physical activity.

Other facilities highlighted in the case study are Cleveland Cilnic and Good Shepard for their healthy food and beverage environment, Fairview Hospital and Baptist Health South Florida for their change in food and beverage policies, Piedmont Hospital and Denver Health for their ability to create an environment that suports daily physical activity, Kaiser Permanente and Logansport Memorial Hospital for creating environments in and around the hospital that encouarge and supprt active lifestyles, and Penrose-St. Francis and Fresno VA Medical Center for encouraging employees to stay active.

These case studies from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show what can be accomplished by making minor chagnes in polices, systems and environments relating to nutrition and physical activity. There are many hospitals in South Carolina who are dedicated to making the same changes. CHeck out the list of committed hospitals here.

If you're interested in participating in Working Well, please contact Kendyl Schultz 803.744.3431.

The full case studies can be found at the link below.

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